Professional Video Editing  .........
.......for the Cost Conscious Budget

William Messner

(See video demos below)

Affordable Editing
for any video project

With over 30 years full time experience in both audio/video and live event production, MasterWerkz is ready to help you create your vision.

Whether your original footage was shot with multiple  high end cameras that must be synced,  or your smartphone, we can add the creative elements yoiu need to "finish your story."   

Have photo stills that need to move?  Colors that need correction?  Or great colors you want to change to create a different mood?  We can do that..

Do you want rapid transitions to match your uptempo music?  Or simple, perfectly timed  disolves to  sustain a lingering emotion?.  

Spice up your story witn added  images and music.  The Internet is full of high quality freeware and economically priced licenses for great images and music to support your ideas..  Find them for yourself - or we can do it for you.

Our terms are flexible.  We can work by the "project" or the "hour."     Project length  can be long form, short form or fleeting..

Whether your project is a live event that must be condensed into a few minutes of  essential segments, or a DYI video that has a dozen  takes, that must edited into perfect one, we look forward to working with you.

I hope you enjoy this emotional underwater tribute to the extraordinary men and women who sacrificed so much to protect our country.  
Please have your audio "on".

One episode from a season of cooking shorts edited for DreamCakes.  
"2 Tarts 2 Make 2 Bake"

A Valuable Service (no longer available) for Film / TV / Web 
Directors, Writers & Music Supervisors.

Sonic Signature was a prior MasterWerkz service, that perfectly recreated hit commercial song instrumentals - WITHOUT SAMPLING.

Each demonstration track below, begins with the recreation, built entirely from scratch (like the original production).  About 30 seconds into each clip the recreation dissolves into the original - at the point you hear the vocals. 

Although no longer available,  these examples demonstrate the quality of media production MasterWerkz provided, and is now incorporated into its video editing services.

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